What participants say

Impact in terms of awareness to development is difficult to measure. However we can easily feel it when reading what participants say :

"I’m deeply convinced we should not underestimate the benefit of such a life experience. World realities don’t change but we can change the way we look at them."

Guillaume dV

"I think doing a project like the Housing project is the best way to understand what’s going on around us. There are inequalities, and going to a country like India opened my mind to the difficult living conditions some people have to face."

Marie D

"Because I did this project, I will try, in my professional life, to make people aware of this issue. I don’t know yet what my future will be made of, but I will do everything to devote all or a part of my time to improve North-South relationships."

Arnaud B

"This experience changed my vision of the world, because for the first time in my life, I was really faced with poverty. For the first time, I got the impression of helping someone, of doing something real, even if the people we helped gave us so much more in return."

Laurent O

"Living close to 10 other people during one month is not easy. We all have different personalities, desires, expectations but also weaknesses… So it was a unique experience to learn to accept one another, to understand our ideas are not always the best, to hold one’s tongue when opinions differ, etc."

Stéphanie vV

"I have learned a lot and moreover, I have the feeling of having made a family happy by giving them a house. Meeting them and sharing time with them is a huge reward in return for all the time and energy invested in preparing the project."

Olivier L

"As a business student, I live in an economic environment where we always speak about money, profit, capitalism, etc… It was very interesting to “come down to earth” and face the reality of our world, to see that the profit of some people may damage the situation of many, that we are not alone on earth and that we have to respect it, as well as the people."

Lina H

"I understood our project consisted partly in a humanitarian action, but above all in humanitarian awareness. I won’t say it’ s better like that, but I feel it’s good to make us understand from the beginning that it is as a team, and not alone, that we will be able to make things change through dialogue and sharing with other people."

Catherine D

"Above all, this project in India opened my eyes to what was happening outside my home. I have finally realized that there is a huge gap between North and South, and that we need to reduce it. Of course, we see poverty on television, but we can’t imagine what it is till we have faced it with our own eyes." 

Célia C

"How could we avoid exclaiming “1.700 euros !!! “ when we heard about the amount to be collected? This challenge, which at first I didn’t find interesting, turned out soon to be a very enriching one. Indeed, I learned to present a project to my neighborhood and even to complete strangers. Above all I learned not to get discouraged and give up the project for financial reasons, before trying."

Stéphanie V

"The worksite gave us the opportunity to do what we were there for, and that motivated me. Moreover, we worked with AJAD-members and villagers, and that gave us the opportunity to discuss about our culture and a lot of different things. We could go deeper into various points and learn a lot from each other."

Catherine D