Our projects

The projects of ICHEC Housing Project are concentrated in three countries:

Our objective

Our goal is to broaden our students’ training by providing them with an enriching life experience in which they can discover another culture and think about the experience. Taking part in some kind of social work abroad is a way to reach that goal. For our partners, it is just the contrary: in India, their goal is to provide a roof for as many poor families as possible; in Burkina Faso and in Benin, it is to fight against desertification and food insecurity. And the way to achieve this is to welcome our students. Our two objectives were meant to meet…

Our approach

Our approach focuses on raising students' awareness to development. In each country, we work with several local partners who are responsible for the different projects on the field. It is with them and the local population that intercultural exchange is possible. Students, local partners, local population... Everybody works together to make this common project a success. Everyone comes out of this adventure more open-minded, prejudices have vanished and hearts are full of hope for the future.

In 2016...

In July 2016, 67 participants will set off for the South of India or West Africa.

In India, with the help of our local partners, the SALEM DIOCESE SOCIETY and SEVAI, an Indian NGO, 39 students will finance and contribute to the building of 15 houses for destitute families in 5 villages in the Tamil Nadu, and to the building of a classroom for handicapped children in Trichy.

In Burkina Faso, thanks to our partner GEFED, 15 students will take part in a reforestation project in a village close to Koudougou. They will finance and contribute to setting up agricultural and farming projects to help fight against food insecurity, and as a result against unemployment and rural exodus. The projects are currently being studied and prepared.

In Benin, 13 students will finance and contribute to setting up food and agricultural projects in one of the rural communities of the country in order to fight against food insecurity. Moreover, with our partners RAJES, ALDIPE and the Water and Forestry Ministry, they will take part in two other projects: a reforestation project in a village near Abomey-Bohicon and a participation in renovation work on a school in the same area. The projects are currently being studied and prepared.

A falling tree makes a louder noise than a growing forest. In a context of anxiety-provoking news, we keep on offering to our students the possibility to go and meet other people, other realities, and, through this experience - by discovering, exchanging and sharing different points of view - to develop their personality and contribute to building – on an obviously modest, but nevertheless real scale – a more positive world.

You can see this as an investment for the future. Like a growing forest…