IHP in the ICHEC program

ICHEC Brussels Management School has a long tradition of openness towards international and intercultural realities, in particular concerning developing countries.

The ICHEC Housing Project is part of this tradition. In the second year it’s an alternative to a one-month training period in industry. The program includes the following assignments: 60h preparation work divided into 3 sections, and a one-month training period in July.

Here is a brief survey of the program:

Introduction to North-South relations (30h) - Laurent Lahaye

This lecture will be given during the first semester, and intends to make students aware of the human and organizational conditions that are essential for their project to be a success.

More precisely, this part of the preparation work consists in learning about the context in which their training period is set : understanding what is at stake in North-South relations and in the way of viewing “development”.

Complementary Research Seminar (30h) - Christine Roy, Catherine Dal Fior, Laurent Lahaye et Vincent Huart

The general objective of this seminar, organized during the second term, is to help students develop critical analysis with regard to a given issue or subject of research, and enhance their capacity to communicate their findings.

Students are divided into groups of 10-15 persons. The division into groups is made according to their choice of destination (India or West-Africa), and also according to the chosen research subject.

Project Monitoring Seminar - Vincent Huart

The main objective of this seminar is to prepare and inform the students on how the training period will unfold, in India, Burkina Faso or Benin, in terms of the practical building or planting work, in terms of team life, and in terms of intercultural exchange.

All along the year, sessions will be organized to plan and take stock of the situation as to what the student has done to collect the necessary funds for his/her project in India, Burkina Faso or Benin. At the beginning of the second term, a residential week-end is organized (one for each destination), essentially to prepare the team life.

One-month training period in India / Burkina Faso / Benin

Participants are divided in small teams of +/- 10 persons. Each team lives in a village in Southern India, Burkina Faso or Benin. They will spend three weeks together and take part in the life of the village and in the building or planting work organized by our local partners (building houses in India, planting trees in Burkina Faso and Benin).

After three weeks, the team will have a week to travel around the country to get to know more about its culture and its people.

Back home, they will draw up a written report on their experience and attend an oral interview.